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How to make Age of Wushu Tael or Age of Wushu Liang in game
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Since the game Age of Wushu open test, the discussion and strategy of how to make Age of Wushu Tael (Age of Wushu Liang) were appeared in various forums and overwhelming in poster bar.Make Age of Wushu Tael (Age of Wushu Liang) is very hard ,cause it is not only related to the inner strength,and also about the speed of moves.Then at the end how to make how to make Age of Wushu Tael (Age of Wushu Liang) ? Below are some of the legal way to get Age of Wushu money.

A. Gold exchange.Each activation code users who just creat an account will get 2500 Tael / Liang from system presented.Players can exchange the coins or Tael / Liang into the silver  with NPC in the banks of the main city.  The exchange ratio of Tael / Liang and silver is 5:2. 2500 Tael / Liang convertibility about 1 ingot of silver.

B. Begging. Yes, you read.Begging can help you to get money in game .Begging is a special skill in life skills. Once the players learned it, they can beg from other players and NPC. Begging successfully can let you get varying amounts of silver(Silver is less). For this skill, players should pay attention to that begging and divining can only be chosed alternatively.If the players can not only want to beg and would like to divine,can be described as fish and bear's paw can not have both, please think twice, then you'll decide after weighing.

C. Player transactions.Silver can be obtained by trading with other players,such as the sale of weaponry, materials, etc..
 Snail has ever said that official will not participate in the props production and sale process. All of the props weaponry will be made,sold and traded by the players. At this moment, drawing of weaponry is still rarely,high property weapons and even fewer,so most of players are still trading materials.At present, the sought-after material on the market are Zinc Ingots,Guazhou Green amd Heavy forging Stone and so on.These materials can only be obtained through the challenger,gethering and manufacturing method of life.Specifically,challenger can obtain Zinc Ingots,tailors can create Guazhou Green amd BreakWeapon can obtain Heavy forging Stone. No matter use any weapon to break, Heavy forging Stone can be obtained in a certain probability.It isn't  like the rumors say that it can only be broken by seeing the type or attribute of weapon.

In summary, there are three ways for players to make silver.About the tael / Liang,the obtained pathways may be more more.In contrast the player gets the silver is extremely rare.Hope these three method are helpful for you.Wish you can find their own martial arts myth of Age of Wushu.

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